The Workers Who Face the Greatest risk of Coronavirus Covid-19

People with jobs that put them in physical contact with many others are at the greatest risk of becoming sick.

From recent studies, health care workers are at the greatest risk of contracting Covid-19. They are near diseases and infections daily. They work near one another and patients. Many are already under quarantine because of exposure to the virus and many do not have access to proper PPE.

Personal care aides and home health aides who work with the elderly are also vulnerable.

School systems are closing. Teachers have more exposure to illnesses and are close to other people.

The risk is not just to those on the front lines. Many people who do service jobs like cashiers and fast-food workers also face higher risks. Many of these workers in low-paying jobs do not have paid sick leave. Many could still go to work sick to not lose income.

This is a hard time for people all over the world. No one knows the cost of the coronavirus to workers. A worldwide downturn in the economy is ahead. Workers in the jobs shown above face the loss of income. The job you have may make it worse for you. The chance you will get the coronavirus is greater than for others.

Do the best you can to follow the guidelines given by people and places you trust.