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TÜV Rheinland Awarded ORPHILA the First Global CE Certificate of PPE Protective Masks

Qingdao ORPHILA Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (“ORPHILA” for short) has become a well-known professional mask manufacturer at home and abroad with a variety of high-quality protective masks. The “ORPHILA” brand has also become a famous mask brand both domestically and overseas. TÜV Rheinland has been established for nearly 150 years. It is an international independent third-party […]

The Workers Who Face the Greatest risk of Coronavirus Covid-19

People with jobs that put them in physical contact with many others are at the greatest risk of becoming sick. From recent studies, health care workers are at the greatest risk of contracting Covid-19. They are near diseases and infections daily. They work near one another and patients. Many are already under quarantine because of exposure to […]

Covid-19 Myths and Truths. How to stay safe from Coronavirus

Should I change my clothes and shower when I come home from the grocery store? You should not go outside too often. Keep a safe distance. Wash your hands when your return. A sneeze or cough from an infected person can propel viral droplets through the air. Most of the droplets will fall to the ground. An […]

How can you prevent Coronavirus Covid-19?

— Keep your hands clean and keep your distance from sick people. — Stay home if you are sick. — Unless you are already infected, facemasks will not help. — Stock up on home supplies, medicine and resources. — Prepare your family and communicate your plan. — With children, keep calm and get the flu […]