Intended Usage
This product, which is normally used in the general working environment, is designed to
provide reliable respiratory protection of against certain airborne particles and dust,
block body fluids and so on.

Product Composition
Polypropylene spunbonded non-woven fabric
Polypropylene melt-blown fabric
Plastomer+metal nose clip
Spandex ear-belt
Nano materials

Attention Before Use
Please read these instructions thoroughly before use. The mask is non-re-usable particle
filtering half mask. This mask is intended exclusively for the personal protection, and it is
not medical face mask.

Instructions to remove and discard the mask
To remove the mask, use thumbs and index fingers to remove both ear straps
Carefully dispose the used mask adequately
Wash or disinfect hands

Cautions and Warning
Please check the integrity and validity of the package before use.
If the package is damaged, don’t use it.
Prior to use, pls. check fit of particle filtering half mask.
It is unlikely that the requirements for leakage will be achieved if facial hair passes under the face.
Pls. note air quality (contaminants, oxygen deficiency).
Do not use it in explosive atmosphere.
Pls. note that the particle filtering half mask shall not be used for more than one shift.
This product is disposable. Please treat it according to the local environmental protection
requirements after use, and do not discard it at will.